Tuesday, October 31, 2006

My girls too...

I like "..."s. They're so expressive...

Anyway... On with the blog...

Fraser, over on his obscure blog, has some neat pictures of his kids, one in "pirate mode", so I thought I would put up something personal and show my kids in dress up up too.

Fr Michael Court is a local SVD priest who has a sideline as a magician and once a year does a "magic night" for the parish schools. The kids all get dressed up as something magical--lots of wizards and witches and fairies. The sort of thing to sends fundamentalists scurrying under their beds... (there's those ...'s again).

Anyway, here are my two in "Harry Potter" mode. Yes, Maddy is the infant magician, but can you guess who Mia is? (No, not Hermione).


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