Thursday, November 09, 2006

Eugene asked what kind of bike I ride...

This kind. Its a Yamaha XJ 900, 1997 model. Otherwise known as a "Diversion", which it can be, at times. It is a shaft driven bike, which means I don't have to mess around with chain lubrication and tensions and stuff. Its been going now for almost ten years, and has about 56,000 on the clock, which isn't much, as you will agree. I used to belong to a Baptist motorcycle group (Kilsyth South Baptist Motorcycle Club), which was the only club I could find that did its rides on Saturday rather than Sunday. Ah, those were the days...

But these days, with family and all to give attention to on weekends, I find myself just riding the ol' bus to and from work. Which is pleasant enough, but the heart yearns for more...

Actually, the back yearns to be better again so I can get back on my trusty steed.

The photo was taken on the Philip Island Grand Prix track about 8 years ago. No, I wasn't racing. Quite the contrary. I think I was the slowest bike on the track.


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