Friday, February 20, 2009

The Verification Code Dictionary So Far!

Okay, here it is: the first edition of the Sentire Cum Ecclesia "Verification Code Dictionary". I have my favourites, but I don't want to prejudice anyone's decision. Please award your prize for the best definition in the combox!
adantraw: de-punctuated instruction in Outback Survival cookbook (Vicci)
Altske: breed of scandanavian dog (Louise)
ampes MUTUAL friends (Vicci)
bandizzl: a proprietory compound for young people to take before going to see their favourite band to enhance the experience. (Tony)
bowaga: the phenomenon of the trembling hand of the archer just before the release of the arrow. (Tony)
Brizina! Raises glass of schnapps. (Peregrinus)
decti: The fragrance of much beloved flowers (Kiran)
dismoth: To get off a moth one has been riding. (Kiran)
Dizate: a corrosive chemical compound used to remove tar stains from the seat of men’s trousers (Peregrinus)
doper: 'The doper dropped me a Mickey Finn' (Tony)
Effugist: one who makes a whistling noise when exhaling. (Peregrinus)
Epapsyro: brand of indigestion tablets (Louise)
evism: characteristic of those (evists) who seek to live forever. (Tony)
expal David is to PE as PE is to David (Vicci)
fluillin: The miracle cure for common colds and flu (Kira)
foises vt. How moderators impart views. (Vicci)
forelug: pulling from the front (Tony
Fracksts: Minor injuries sustained in a fight between siblings over Who Said It First. (Peregrinus)
Golatie: National drink of Azerbaijan, made from fermented goat's milk flavoured with aniseed and caraway, and topped with stuff that looks like chocolate sprinkles but sadly isn't. (Peregrinus)
Hesper: to recite vespers very, very quietly. (Peregrinus)
loadsl: digital subscriber lines under heavy load (Tony)
mudgi: heavy duty squeegee for removing the mud from car tyres (Louise)
panon: The act of a camera in focussing on something else. (Kiran)
PC: Post cibos-after meals ,the prayer we should offer for having eaten (Matthias – not sure about this one, I don't know what the original verification code was – but I like the meaning)
reclesin: A time of your life when leisure is hard to find. 'He's a young man on the move, very much in reclesin mode'. (Tony)
redge: crimson rage that takes you to the precipice of sanity (Tony)
Rutgan: of, or pertaining to, the island of Rutga. (Peregrinus)
Safijow: Silesian liqueur made from beetroots, traditionally given as a Michaelmas gift to in-laws you don't get on with. (Peregrinus)
sectione: the Italian bit (Tony)
shmedoe: bambi overload (Tony)
soapistic: The attitude of one who views Neighbours (Matthias)
statum: as soon as possible (Matthias)
Terch: coarse fish, cross between a tench and a perch. (Peregrinus)
UNFOR - the United Nations Force Orange-Red, which promotes the installation of traffic lights in benighted parts of the Third World. (Joshua)
wadec: [anglicised Polish expression] "hail!" (Louise)
xebnuo the result of typing English on a French keyboard (Vicci)


At Friday, February 20, 2009 7:35:00 pm , Blogger Vicci said...

Sectione (Tony)
for me, brevity is bliss.

Simple idea, but mudgi (Louise) works for me, as well. Perhaps needed to include "4x4" to rate higher points.

At a personal level:
anything that demeans 'beetroot'
(slimy, staining, smelly curse on Creation as it is) will earn points
Safijow, according to Pere.

(it seems entirely inappropriate to
include a definition whilst voting on others..
so, frotet will remain a mystery...for now. )

At Friday, February 20, 2009 8:08:00 pm , Blogger Tony said...

In general I found Pere's to be very creative. What that man knows!

Comeade: I have the perfect definition but this is a family show!

At Saturday, February 21, 2009 10:22:00 am , Anonymous matthias said...

Okay pOST CIBOS is part of the British Pharmacopoeia that deals with pharmacology.I was being creative however when we say Grace before meals that is
ac-ante cibos_before meals not
Anticibos-against meals as per Jenny craig

At Saturday, February 21, 2009 2:34:00 pm , Blogger Kiran said...

Safijow it is, for me.

crolog - The beginning of an early human log.

At Saturday, February 21, 2009 2:40:00 pm , Blogger Kiran said...

Actually, hesper almost made me fall off my chair. And I loved the terseness of sectione: the Italian bit.

agamp [I am having too much fun]: An agricultural unit for the measure of energy expended in lifting a glass of beer off a table while keeping the rest of one's body as near perfectly horizontal as possible.

At Tuesday, February 24, 2009 1:54:00 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps needed to include "4x4" to rate higher points.


Yes, Tony, Pere's are very creative indeed, but I did also love sectione.


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