Friday, November 12, 2010

An interesting but all too short interview with a Catholic Luther scholar

HT to Pastor Fraser Pearce for the link to this interview with Fr Jared Wicks. As I say in the title, it is interesting, but I want to know more. I should follow up on Wick's writing on Luther to see what he has to say.


At Friday, November 12, 2010 12:10:00 pm , Anonymous Christine said...

Oh my, John Carroll University (with its beautiful campus!) of all places, right on my home turf.

What a fascinating piece, especially this:

That is, I am con­vinced that we, espe­cially Catholics, need to bring out just what the sacra­ment memo­ri­al­izes, namely, the Lord’s giv­ing of him­self in death, with his body bro­ken and his blood shed “for you”—pro vobis, fuer euch!


From my his­tor­i­cal knowl­edge of the Ref­or­ma­tion, I think that the state-based con­sti­tu­tions of the first Lutheran ter­ri­to­r­ial churches left Luther­ans with an endemic weak­ness that has not been over­come. Lutheran bish­ops are far from being fig­ures of mag­is­te­r­ial impact and author­ity; they could never assem­ble as a body able to pro­duce what came of the great coun­cils. I recall how Melanchthon fore­saw this result at Augs­burg in 1530 when the pow­er­ful rep­re­sen­ta­tives of Nurem­burg began exer­cis­ing con­trol over the issues of doc­tri­nal dia­logue with the Catholic side.

Yes, that rings true and was one of the reasons for my pull towards Catholicism. Especially in liberal Lutheran bodies like the ELCA the office of bishop has been reconfigured along the lines of the corporate model.

At Saturday, November 13, 2010 4:16:00 am , Anonymous Alfredo Watkins said...

Thanks for posting this. As you say, it definitely leaves you hanging however.


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