Saturday, December 09, 2006

"The five things you may not know about me" meme.

Fr Marco (the Anglo-Papist priest of Loxton celebrating his tenth anniversary of ordination as a Lutheran pastor), has tagged me for this latest meme.

1. I smoke a pipe.
2. I am a sixth generation Australian (my grandfather's grandfather's grandfather died in Hahndorf SA in 1839).
3. I am (was?) a great fan of Buffy.
4. I have an extensive and colourful collection of ties, cravats, waistcoats and hats, but prefer my trousers black and my shirts white.
5. I have another blog (so get over there and read my conversion story at

Now I've got to tag someone... Mmm...
How about Tom Pietsch, Fraser Pearce, and Shannon Donahoo.


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