Thursday, February 22, 2007

Giving up being interesting for Lent

No, not me, I promise. I mean those bloggers (you know who you are--or, perhaps you don't because you aren't reading this) who give up blogging and reading blogs for Lent. I fail to understand this. What sort of self sacrifice is it?

[Reader: Let's see: Kill the blog, lose the ego, spend time doing really worthwile things...
Schütz: Stop it.]

And what about the way this "not-blogging-for-Lent" thing deprives other bloggers in the community of the "mutual e-consolation of the brethren and sistern", eh? It's a bit like taking your bat and ball and saying, I'm not playing for Lent, see you in six weeks time. Real charitable.

Have you ever read anywhere that Lewis and Tolkien and Co. gave up their Inkling's meeeting--their conversation, their pipes, their songs and their pints--for Lent? By all means engage in self-improvement and self-sacrifice during Lent, but please don't give up being interesting, and by no means give up being human!


At Friday, February 23, 2007 1:53:00 pm , Blogger LYL said...

I can't vouch for being interesting, but I haven't given up blogging.

Hopefully there are a few of us still left blogging...


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