Friday, December 07, 2007

A Radical suggestion from the Black Pope for improving Vocations

Peregrinus, in the combox to an earlier post, opines that the authors of "that petition" included the call for discussion of women's ordination because they "wanted a petition with something difficult, something challenging, something radical."

Well, here's a REALLY radical suggestion, from none other than the retiring "black pope", Fr Peter-Hans Kolvenbach, Father General of the Jesuits.
I think about something Robert Baden-Powell, the founder of the Boy Scouts and a man who wasn’t himself particularly religious, once said: ‘I like my religion the same way I like my tea – boiling.” If the parish, ecclesial life, isn’t strong, fervent, and warm, it won’t generate vocations to the religious life or the priesthood.
For the whole interview, see John Allen's column here.


At Saturday, December 08, 2007 4:17:00 am , Anonymous Lucian, the faithrighteous non-Lutheran said...

David, can I ask You to do something for me? [C'mon ... pretend You're my personal St. Nick here, what do You say? ;p ].

Could You take the time to read my little conversation with Mr. L.P. Cruz starting here, and dealing with (and get this:) "faithrighteousness", and explain to me the situation I got myself involved in? It seems that I was way, WAY, WAAAYYY off in my comments, and I want to learn from my past mistakes.

The reason I ask You this is because You seem like a good choice for clearing things up for me on this, since You were a very involved and conscious Lutheran once. Thanks. (I You choose to pass on this, I'll understand; I won't mind).

At Saturday, December 08, 2007 8:56:00 pm , Blogger Schütz said...

I'll take a look, Lucian, and get back to you.


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