Saturday, January 31, 2009

Kevin Takes His Cue from Washington on OS Abortion Aid

Such an inspiring photo, nicht wahr?

Remember all those criticisms of (ex-)PM John Howard in the media for being in "lockstep" with (ex-)President George W. Bush? Remember the way in which Howard was criticised for following the American President's lead and taking Australia into a war in which thousands of innocents perished?

Well, read this ("Bid to end abortion aid ban", The Age, Jan 29) and this ("Decision soon on lifting ban on foreign aid for abortions", The Age, Jan 31)and weep. We're not talking about "thousands of innocents" in THIS war.

Update: A bit behind the times, I am reading yesterday's edition of The Age this afternoon. Here are the opening lines of their Pontificating Decree (sorry, I mean, editorial):
Australia must lift its ban on abortion aid

AUSTRALIA stands isolated now that President Barack Obama, acting with admirable swiftness, has scrapped the US ban on funding abortion advice or services from foreign-aid money. It is a pity the Rudd Government, which has more than enough time to overturn Australia's even more restrictive policy, has not been more immediately decisive. After all, the ban, imposed by the Howard government to appease an independent senator, Brian Harradine, was always seen as contentious and politically opportunistic, as well as hampering Australia's international health-aid schemes. Now that America has reconsidered, how long will it be before Kevin Rudd does the same? ...
Note the logic: President Obama has done X, therefore PM Rudd is morally obliged to do X.

And this comes from the same editors who railed against John Howard taking his orders from George Bush.


At Saturday, January 31, 2009 8:47:00 pm , Anonymous Tom said...

Without getting into Kevin Bashing, it's the consequence of bad philosophy and an even worse anthropology.

At Saturday, January 31, 2009 9:17:00 pm , Anonymous matthias said...

I agree Tom and it could be put that under the guise of 'reproductive health' it is really cultural imperialism . just look at the debate about population growth in Australia and then "Pious' Bob Brown's comments about other countries populations being of an issue
what these countries really want is clean running water,accessible to health services and stable government so that their citizens can raise their families,not have them aborted.
I have doubts about KRUDD's ability to maintain status quo.

At Sunday, February 01, 2009 1:24:00 am , Anonymous Joshua said...

Simple, really - Howard and Bush, even in terms of their faults, were not quite so in line with the prevailing Zeitgeist of loose morals and expediency, so were pilloried for all they did, good or bad; Obama (blessings be upon him) and Rudd are in line with what is politically correct (and so their whims and fancies are tolerated quietly, such as their quaint but acceptable attendance at some sort of Protestant and some sort of liberal Anglican churches respectively), and so all they do, be it objectively good or bad, is lauded to the skies - for moderns, especially those consciously on the Left, but also among those merely lost, the offer of secular redemption through politics is real, whereas the offer of everlasting salvation through Christ is spurned. Sad, really.

But remember, the early Christians endured 300 years of persecutions, and in the end, they triumphed.

And it is a great blessing to be a martyr, a particular sign of predestination from God I would go so far as to say... so await such "in fear and trembling"!


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